Product Safety

Safety is key

When machines are required to produce more, it is all the more essential to consider the safety of the operator as well as the members of the public. The increased productivity of a machine means that the operator has to work more and spend more of his time near machines. This has a variety of safety implications.

Ensuring Product Safety

CHEM and its members have an uncompromising policy of continuous review of the safety standards of their products and expeditious implementation of improvements. The safety of the products manufactured by members is assured by way of:
CHEM Technical Committees
Membership of BSI committees B/508/1 for Refuse Collection Vehicles and associated Bin Lifting Devices as well as MCE/3/16 for horizontal waste compactors
Membership of European Work Group WG2 for all kinds of refuse collection vehicles Membership of WISH, the Waste Industry and Health Forum sponsored by the HSE


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